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SEATON: Councillor: ‘Someone could be killed’

Thursday, 27 February 2014

Someone will be seriously injured or even killed if something isn’t done to prevent traffic entering Seaton’s pedestrian area.
That’s the view of Seaton town councillor and trader Tony Woodman who last Friday witnessed an incident that reinforced his call for action.
At the February meeting of Seaton Town Council, Mr Woodman questioned the policing of the pedestrian area and said vehicles were now reversing into it off Harbour Road. However, PC Steve Speariett said they did not have the resources to police the area.
On Friday afternoon a delivery van was seen to reverse into the pedestrian area past Mr Woodman’s shop.
“It continued to reverse into the street forcing another vehicle to mount the pavement to avoid it and eventually kept going until it collided with a rubbish on the footpath outside Lloyds Bank. The bin was damaged and paving slabs were lifted out of the ground. The driver made a delivery and drove off.
Speaking as a trader, Mr Woodman said: “I could not believe what I saw. This guy just kept reversing until he hit the rubbish bin.
“He clearly couldn’t see what was behind him. It could have been a mum with a buggy and baby or an elderly person. They wouldn’t have stood a chance.”
Mr Woodman reported the incident to the company concerned and the police.
“It really is time certain people took this matter seriously and I was more than a little surprised by PC Speariett’s reaction. The police are there to enforce the law and that includes in our high street. They seem to find plenty of resources for continually monitoring speeding cars all around Seaton. What about protecting the innocent in the high street?
“I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, someone is going to be seriously injured and or even killed if this matter is not sorted out once and for all.

“People who think vehicles should be allowed in the high street really should wake up and come and see how dangerous it is.
“Visitors come here thinking they are safe but they are not. What sort of picture does that paint of Seaton. New signs are soon to be erected and new permits issued, which I hope will not be given out like confetti as before.
“I will be noting and reporting offenders to the police from now on, which won’t help the local crime figures but may result in some action. I’m told all the necessary regulations are in place so the law is being broken.
“This problem could be easily solved with barriers at the three entrances to the town centre. Special arrangements can be made for traders to receive deliveries.
“Wearing my other hat as a councillor I will be taking this matter further. Action needs to taken and taken now before someone in authority ends up with blood on their hands.”

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