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OTTERY: Developer moves in on more new homes

HOUSING developer Wainhomes has submitted a controversial application to build a further 31 homes at the edge of its current site in Feniton, near Ottery.
The developer is already in the process of building 50 homes in the village and has come un... read on

Axminster mayor Jeremy Walden has made a partial U-turn and watered down his criticism after saying he would boycott Support for Axminster Library. read on...
FULL details have emerged of the unexpected costs to Honiton Town Council over the construction of the Beehive community centre. read on...
Seaton and District Hospital League of Friends has backed plans to increase the number of in-patient beds in Seaton. read on...
THE community of Colyford plans to bid for a strip of green land between the village and Colyton. read on...



KO CUP Semi-Finals
Thorncombe B 308 C Atyeo 61) Red Devils 363 (D Huntley 72) Ax Con Rebels 385 (M Smith 71) Wootton Cowboys 380 (P Studley 79).

League results
Division 1; Green Army 355 (D Kelland 71) Sidmouth Arms 374 (P Drew 75), Thorncombe B 374 (M Boulton 84) Gerrard A 355 (S Berry 70), Lamb A 353 (G Smith, N Jones 65) Colcombe A 333 (A Hurford 60), The Feds 396 (P Squire 72) B & Gs 375 (T Wellman 70), Old Inn Kilm A 334 (A Cross 64) Lamb Spartans 338 (C Miller 64), Thorncombe Drifters 393 (C Wyatt 74) Ax Con Rebels 373 (M Summers 87), Red Devils 417 (R Summers 80) Red Lion D 407 (T Herbert 81).

Division 2; Red Lion C 404 (J Legg 81) Old Kilm B 363 (D Lavender 70), Ax Inn Jokers 312 (A Churchill, D Churchill 59) Tuckers C 355 (D Roberts 66), WH Wilm A 389 (P Jeffery 74) Tuckers B 380 (S Thomas 77), New Inn Kilm A 341 (M Williamson 64) Cloakham Stars 319 (D Baker 67), Ax Con B 341 (R Thresher 65) Thorncombe A 389 (S Hardi... read on

South-west Peninsula League
Division One (east)
Sidmouth Town 5 Totnes & Dart 5
SIDMOUTH started really well and were on top for the open... read on


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