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AXMINSTER: Works stop on new fire-police station

Tuesday, 06 May 2014

Work to construct a joint fire and police station in Axminster came to an abrupt halt when the contractor went into administration. But fire bosses hope the delay will be kept to a minimum. Somerset-based Stacey Construction had started work to extend the current fire station, but went into administration in late April. The building project includes a two-storey extension, a new training tower and a detached garage. When complete, Axminster police officers will make the short move from up the road to a brand new police station within the fire station. The fire station has seen very little change since it was built in 1963, and may have to wait a little longer because of the contractor’s collapse. But the fire service and the constabulary stress services won’t be affected. Fire station manager Nigel Deasy said: “Whilst the work to build the new combined fire and police community station at Axminster has stopped at present due to contractual issues, Devon & Somerset Fire & Rescue Service and Devon & Cornwall Police are committed to providing a continued presence in Axminster. “The interim arrangements put in place by the fire service at the commencement of the new build, to enable the crews at Axminster to continue to provide a fire and co-responder response, will remain in place whilst negotiations continue between the contractors and the service’s estates project team. “There is no deterioration in our emergency response standards and the crews at Axminster are continuing to respond to all emergencies in line with our published emergency response standards. “The new build was due to complete in September 2014. “We do not anticipate a prolonged delay to this. Our estates department are in talks with the original contractors and their receivers and as a priority are discussing all options to ensure work recommences within as short a time scale as possible.”


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