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A late celebration for Queen’s jubilee

Thursday, 03 April 2014

 LATE CELEBRATION: Children from Membury Primary School at the planting of the Jubilee Oak

LATE CELEBRATION: Children from Membury Primary School at the planting of the Jubilee Oak

PUPILS and their teachers were at the forefront of a tree planting ceremony in Membury.
An oak tree was planted earlier this month in Membury's churchyard to mark the Queen's diamond jubilee two years ago.
Tree warden Roger Clemens explained the delay by saying: "We just couldn't find anywhere to plant it. But thankfully, after much sterling work and effort, we are now able to plant the English Oak Quercus Robur in Membury's beautiful old churchyard. So although it's a late Jubilee Oak, it's our Jubilee Oak."
He estimated that about 50 adults plus the the Membury schoolchildren gathered for the special occasion.
Mr Clemens added: "The schoolchildren and teachers were at the forefront of the ceremony, the children actually planting the tree with a little help.
"After all taking turns to shovel earth into the hole, the children expertly trod the soil in to further secure the tree.
"After much enthusiastic clapping and cheering, our very own Jubilee Oak was planted and everyone adjourned to the village hall for refreshments and a toast to the tree."
Mr Clemens also praised Debbie Burrough, the church committee, Bradley Dare, Sandra Little, Sam Dare, Alan Kennard, Jeremy Wallace, Douglas and Joy Hull, Richard and Molly Barrell, John Stevenson, Ron Martin, Penny Stevenson, Sarah Clemens, Veronica Bennett, John Le Cue, Membury schoolchildren, their teachers and everyone who attended the ceremony for helping with various aspects of the project.

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